Ferrari F2004M - Tameo 1/43

This was my first metal car kit. It was also my first small scale car. It was one of my most frustrating and fun builds. Frustrating because of all the little wings that kept breaking off and the difficulty of working with soft metal. Fun because, well, maybe for the same reasons. The decals that come with the kit gives you the option of markings for either driver. (Michael Schumacher or Rubens Barrichello) I chose Schumacher obviously. The kit was finished using Finisher’s lacquer paints. It’s hands down the best hobby paint for glossy finishes IMO, but it’s hard to get in the U.S. I barely even buffed the paint after it was sprayed and you can see how glossy it is in the pics.. amazing. The only additions I made to the kit is in the base. It’s made to depict a pit stop ‘box’.

-FIRST PLACE- 2007 IPMS NATIONALS / Competition automobiles.
-THIRD PLACE - 2008 Valleycon / Competition automobiles