RGM-79G GM QUEL - HGUC 1/144

I also build Gunpla! I AM worthy of being one of Those Gundam Guys after all!!

Here's the HGUC GM Quel, 1/144 scale, from the 0083 anime series. Pretty basic kit on its own, but I didn't like some things about it. The legs felt kinda stubby to me, so I extended them, but I also had to extend the arms and waist to keep the proportions normal. The kit didn't have too many seams, but some were in weird spots that required painting first, then adding more parts and masking to fill other seams (shoulder armor for example) I also added a few detail bits, like on the ankle armor, skirt armors, inside of the shoulder armors and scribed a couple other panel lines. The cables on the back of the knees are made from mesh cable meant for car models.

Paint is Mr Color Titans colors, Titans Blue 1 and Titans Blue 2. Yellow and red are also Mr Color. I did a modulation paintjob, which you can kinda see, although the weathering might've hidden it some. I weathered it with AK weathering pencils, oils, and Vallejo acrylic. For the decals, I reproduced the kit's stickers in an Illustrator file and my friend printed them as waterslides for me. I also added a bunch of warning markings from my spares box.

I decided to make a base for it and went with a standard runway kinda look. It's mostly airbrushed, but has a little weathering as well, with a few decals added in. Once I put the mobile suit on the base, I thought it was kinda empty looking, so I added some figures from Preiser. They're 1/160 scale, but that scale is interchangeable with 1/144. Painted as Titans crew members. I also added some crates that I 3d printed. That's about it.

I originally started this for the SCGMC contest theme, which was Titans for 2022, but wasn't able to finish in time, so I shelved it till now. I think it turned out better than I expected it to tbh. Hope you enjoy.