MS-06F-2 Zaku II Type F2 - HGUC 1/144

The Zaku F2 has always been my favorite Zaku design. I like the 'chunkiness' of it or something. Maybe it's because 0083 was the first Gundam series I ever saw and it's nostalgia.. dunno. Anyway, this HGUC version is a nice little kit. It's your typical HGUC, but it's a little more modern so it has good details and form. I decided to make a little diorama out of it since it's a small-ish size. I scratch built the building, adding rubble from crushed plaster and dirt from the back patio. The armor is pre-built from Dragon models. It just happens to be 1/144 scale too, so bonus. The figures are from Pegasus models and are also pre-built. In the anime, the Earth Federation is using some stolen Zakus for themselves, so I painted those last two, as well as the Zaku, to fit the Earth Federation forces.