About Me

As of today, i'm 47. I'm a graphic artist by trade. I live in Los Angeles and I've been building models since I was around 8 or 10. My earliest memory of any scale model of my own was a van that my mom bought for me at a yard sale. It was already built, but it was what kicked off my lifetime hobby. The earliest kit that I can remember actually building on my own was a Tamiya M3 Lee Tank. I remember the old curmudgeon at the hobby shop yelling at my brother and I, asking if we were going to re-arrange everything or buy something. I settled on the M3. These days I build just about anything. I like all genres as you can tell by my galleries. I have a backlog that i'm sure i'll never finish before I die, but i'll try.

Other than model kits, my other love/passion/can't live without hobby is photography. I have been doing that for many years as well. I generally stick to film photography, just because I enjoy it more than digital, plus I can't budget a digital version of the camera I like using the most *cough*Leica*cough* so i'll stick to film. I usually post at my flickr page flickr link or my instagram (bhop73)
I also ride bicycles and enjoy fast cars. (currently driving a Subaru WRX..see my car gallery) Anyway, hope you like my stuff. It's just for fun, but it also keeps me sane... that and my black cat Squeak. #blackcatsrule