Subaru WRX STi - Aoshima 1/24

I knew this guy a while back that was into JDM cars. In fact, it was he that got me hooked on them. He's the one that told me about the WRX/STi, as well as its rival, the Evo. After that, my interest in Japanese sports cars seemed to lean in that direction. I've been into turbo cars for a while since owning my DSM, just something about that feel of boost, so when it was time for a new car, it was going to be a turbo, no doubt about it. I also wanted all-wheel-drive because I like to snowboard in the winter, plus lack of grip sucks, so I ended up with a 2013 WRX hatchback. Naturally, I wanted to build a model of it, but there is no "regular" WRX kit, so I got this STi kit, which essentially looks identical to my car, so it worked out well. I added some aftermarket Enkei NT-03M wheels and a photoetch detail set. Paint is from the Subaru dealer and here is the result.