Hikaru Ichijyo and Misa Hayase - Plamax/Max Factory 1/20

I love Macross. If you haven't seen my Macross kits in the Sci-Fi section, then you'll read that a couple more times. Two of the main characters from both the original series and the movie (Do you remember love?), Hikaru Ichijyo and Misa Hayase, or if you're into Robotech, Rick and Lisa.. but let's forget I mentioned that. When Plamax/Minimum Factory released these kits, they were instant buys for me. I love figure painting and I love these characters, so it was a no-brainer. They sat in my stash for a while, but when I decided to build them, I figured building them together would be fun.

Hikaru was a challenge because of all the black stripes. They had to be masked and painted. It took a couple tries to get it clean, especially on the shoulders, but it worked out. Also, the red stripes on the sides of his helmet are decals and I wanted the red on the visor to match, so it took a bit of paint mixing to get the proper red to match, but that also worked out. He was a pretty straight-forward build other than those things.

Misa, on the oher hand, had more seams to fill, and some parts didn't align properly. One of her feet had an odd shape that made it look like she had two left feet, and her heels didn't touch the ground when she she stood. Little things, but all fixable. Some of the seams had to be filled after painting half of it, with masking and re-painting, but in the end, she turned out great.

For the base, I'd already decided I wanted it to be a scene inside the SDF-1 space fortress, so I took a bunch of reference screenshots from the movie and built a few cardboard mockups until I got something I liked. What you see is the final product. The base is 100% scratch built from styrene.