Nausicaa and Kai - Bandai 1/20

When I was a kid, I watched an anime movie called "Warriors of the Wind". It was like nothing i'd ever seen before visually and I instantly fell in love. I was only able to see it once on HBO, but later in my adult life I discovered that Warriors of the Wind was a mangled, dubbed, horrible edit of Nausicaa of the Valley Of The Wind, by Hayao Miyazaki. Once I saw the original movie, I was blown away again. It was instantly my favorite anime movie and has remained my fave after a couple decades. I recently finished reading the manga and it's only cemented Nausicaa even further as one of the greats.

I have a few kits in my stash, Nausicaa with Mehve (her glider), The Gunship, Nausicaa with Ohmu, and there was this kit, Nausicaa with Kai. After I finished the manga, I decided to build one and chose this one. Kai is a big part of the manga compared to the movie, so it only seemed fitting. These kits are based on older kits by Tsukuda that Bandai acquired the molds from. I believe they updated the molds so that the fit is better though.

This one went together fairly easily, but still had a lot of seams that needed filling. Once that was done, It was pretty much all painting. I added some foil for the gun strap, and drilled out her sleeves, but everything else is pretty much box stock, including the base. It was painted with a mix of vallejo acrylics and oils for shading. There were decals for the eyes, but I prefer to paint them. Overall I feel like the build came out better than I actually expected and look forward to building the rest from the stash.