RGM-89 Jegan / Bandai 1/100

Char's Counterattack is a Gundam feature film that came out in 1988. It's a sequel to ZZ Gundam and continues the story of Char Aznable and Amuro Ray. This mobile suit made its first appearance in that movie, but belongs to none of the antagonists. It's a "grunt" suit. Cannon fodder. The ordinary soldier. That's part of the appeal for most people, including me. It's fun to build a model of the "regular guy", instead of the heroes.

When I built this, I decided to do it more or less straight out of the box, no modifications or panel scribing work. Many people don't like the color, and if they were leaving it the plastic color i'd agree, but I like the mint color that it's supposed to be, so I bought some Mr Color paint that was the proper shade and gave it that 80s mecha look.

Without extra panel lines, it's kind of a plain kit, so I figured i'd give it a nice worn weathered look, as you can see from the photos. It mostly consists of powders and washes, with paint chips painted on.

Overall, i'm really happy with the way it turned out and if you're looking to build one yourself, you can't really go wrong with it.