Auge Arsculs / Volks 1:100 IMS Plastic Kit

My latest commission build for Volks. The Mortar Headd Auge Arsculs! One of the first attempts at making a Knight of Gold. Volks 1/100 IMS Plastic kit. This one was a challenge, not gonna lie. The build was actually pretty easy compared to some of the others i've built, but the painting required a lot of masking that i'm not used to. Not only that but I had a lot of mishaps this time. I messed up the paint many times, which is probably my own fault, but it made the build more drawn out than I expected it to be.

Painted with Mr Color paints mostly with the usual Vallejo for some detail bits and Gaia EX Gloss Clear for the final coating. I used a white pearl over the base color and that was causing a lot of issues. The paint would separate and crack on its own for no reason that I could figure out. One part had to be re-painted 8 times...yes, 8... because I'm an ocd perfectionist with these things.. *to a point anyway..but eventually it worked out.. after switching to a different

Anyways. I'm incredibly happy with the way the final product turned out. In fact, I actually shed tears of joy when I put the last parts on because it looks so good.. (is that weird?) Anyhoo.. this kit, while a challenge, is worth the effort. It looks great on the shelf!