V Siren / kogat - Volks 1/144

Finally finished after a few months. This is the second Knight of Gold kit i've built for Volks Inc, but it's slightly different. This is the "KOG-AT" version, also known as the "Patraqushie Mirage" (I don't know why)

It's pretty much the same kit as before, but with some slight differences. The most obvious being the crowned head. The more subtle differences are the skirt armor is slightly longer and it has the mount on its back for the Buster Rock Cannon. Since they're both gold and they'll both be sitting on the same shelf, I was glad to see that the manual called for different paint, which made it a way more subtle gold. It's kinda pale, but I think it looks great next to the original, which is a warmer gold.

Paints used were mostly Mr Color this time, with some Gaia mixed in and Gaia clears for the clear coats (semi-gloss on the frame, gloss on the armor). I used Vallejo for detail bits.


If you'd like to get your own, you can order it from VolksUSA's website if you're in the US. (in stock as of this post)---

International customers can order from their Japanese site, they ship worldwide:

Some local shops carry them as well, so be on the lookout!