LED Mirage B4 Destonias / 1/100 Resin kit

This is a model that I built around 15 years ago. If you've browsed my site before, you may have seen it here. It was kind of rough looking so I decided to strip the paint and repaint it recently. I figured it'd be a quick, easy project, but of course I was delusional. Stripping it was a pain in the ass and some of the parts even cracked, which, being clear parts, I had to repair with something clear like super glue. Amazingly it was mostly successful. One of the arm "knives?".. dunno.. broke and I had to scratch build part of it to fix it, one of those thin pointy ends.

The paint is Mr Color clear pink with enamel chrome hand brushed on the underside of the parts to show through. I put a pearl coat on top of the pink, which is hard to see in the pics, but you can kinda see it in some shots. The rest of the colors, the black, the frame, and the sword are all Mr Color as well. Black and some metallics. The black has a pearl over it too, but also hard to see. The barely visible AKD emblem on the base was entirely accidental. I'd originally had it on a white base with the emblem in red. When I sprayed over the base in black, it looked like this. I had intended to repaint the emblem in red again, but I thought this subtle look was better. Bonus!

So anyways, when you look at it up close, it's not perfect, but it wasn't a perfect kit to begin with so i'm pretty happy with the results.