V Siren / Neptune - Volks 1/144

First off.. Thanks to Volks Inc. / Volks USA for providing this for a review build. This is my third build for Volks and it's only getting more fun. This is the 1/144 *smol version of the V Siren Neptune. Unfortunately the 1/100 version is discontinued, but this one still looks great. It was my first 1/144 Five Star Stories build, so I didn't know what to expect compared to the bigger ones, but it proved almost as detailed and, in some ways just as difficult.. lol It's hard to tell in the photos, but I used Mr Color Sapphire paint over the blue color, which is kind of a pearl color. It pops in person, but photos don't capture it well. The horns and swords also have a pearl coating, which is a little easier to see because of the contrast with the black. The paints were all a combo of Mr Color and Gaia. The clear coat is Gaia EX Gloss. So nice...

The base was made with a round wood container, turned upside down. Terrain is air drying clay and the "plaque" is designed by me from official art and printed on watercolor paper.

If you'd like to see some build videos, check out my youtube channel: bhop.builds youtube