V-Siren / Prominence - Volks 1/144

The latest commission build, the 1/144 V-Siren Prominence from Five Star Stories kit by Volks Inc. is complete. (minus the base)

It came out so great! Gaianotes EX Clear gloss continues to blow me away in terms of how glossiness it is right out of the airbrush. I polished a few bits of dust out, but other than the dust, this is how glossy it cured.. hoard it like I have if you find some..

I hope you can see the pearl coat that I put over the orange. That kinda thing is always hard to see in photos.--- No major problems with this build. The head, just like the Neptune doesn't seem to fit onto the polycap on the neck very well, so I'll have to superglue it. It already fell off once and one of the horns broke, but I was able to fix it. The flame decals fit perfectly and look great. The swirls were masked and painted, which was a pain, but they ended up looking nice after a black panel line wash.

I'd put magnets in the speid (swords are called that in the Five Star Stories world) hilt so it could hold it and still be removeable. At first I didn't think it was going to work, but I put a third magnet in and that seemed to do the trick. It holds it nicely, and i'm still able to remove it if I want to pose it without the speid like the traditional "speid stuck in the ground pose" that you usually see FSS Mortar Headds doing. (there's one in this gallery)

Paints were Mr Color mostly, Vallejo for a few detail bits, with Gaia EX-03 Clear on top.

So sweet.. you can get one here if you want to build your own:--- US FSS fans:

International fans:

If you'd like to see some build videos, check out my youtube channel: bhop.builds youtube