VF-1A Battroid Valkyrie / Max Jenius Pilot - Hasegawa 1/72

Macross is one of my favorite anime. This'll be my third entry into my web gallery from the franchise, even though i've built many other kits in the past, which were destroyed. This is ace pilot Max Jenius' machine. In the show, he's part of Vermillion squadron which is led by Hikaru Ichijo (see my other Batroid in the "scifi" link above) Each member of the squad has their own color Valkyrie, since they're heroes.. Max's is blue. Later on he gets a different model and it's also blue. In the movie Do You Remember Love, he gets a blue Queadluun Rau, which is the bad guy's machine.. uhh.. just watch it and it'll make sense. His hair's also blue..

Anyway, Max is one of my faves from the show, plus I like the look of his Valkyrie. I actually built the Valkyrie (plane mode) a long time ago, but my cat destroyed it and I never fixed it. I don't think I have photos.. oh well. Since i'm a fan, I decided to build the Battroid version to replace it, and stand next to Hikaru's VF-1J.
It's the basic Hasegawa Battroid. I didn't do anything special with it other than the color. If you've ever built one, then you know that there are a lot of seam lines and mold sink-marks to fill, so I wouldn't say it's a beginner kit, but it is a lot of fun. I used Mr Color paints, custom blue mix. Tamiya panel wash. That's it. I'm really happy with the result and hope you enjoy looking at it. I plan to also build Kakizaki's Battroid to round out the Vermillion squad (RIP Kakizaki)